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Beauty, noble simplicity and innovation

In addition to the traditional materials, natural fabrics and artificial fabrics may be used for making sacred vestments.  It is fitting that the beauty and nobility of each vestment derive not from abundance of overly lavish ornamentation.
The purpose of a variety in the colour of the sacred vestments is to give effective expression even outwardly to the specific character of the mysteries of faith being celebrated and to a sense of Christian life’s passage through the course of the liturgical year.
In celebration of the 60th anniversary of the promulgation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy, “Sacrosantum Concilium” by Paul VI on 4 December 1963, Koinè will be organising a new exhibition, “Spun and Woven Fabrics for Liturgy. Beauty, noble simplicity and innovation”  and will be set out in three sections: Liturgical vestments and paraments, ecclesiastical garments, and altar cloths.



The aim of the exhibition is selecting and displaying the excellences of world production, with a scrupulous attention to the materials used, their aesthetic qualities, as well as the ability to innovate and create value.

The exhibitions will be held as part of Koinè, organised by Italian Exhibition Group Spa, which is being held in Vicenza from 13 to 15 February 2023.
The exhibition is an invitation to ateliers and manufacturers which are showcasing yarns and fabrics in line with the direction expressed by the Catholic Church as part of Vatican Council II. 
Other invitations will be extended to manufacturers taking part in the trade fair, which will be creating vestments specifically for the exhibition.
The spun and woven fabrics exhibited will be selected by the Scientific Committee of Koinè Ricerca.
The selection will be based on spun and woven fabrics that seek a dialogue with the contemporary world, its many stimuli, different languages, and current expressive values, through original aesthetic research, using a balanced expressive register and maintaining the essential qualities.  
No Later than 31 October 2022: Participants should send their participation form with relevant annexes, completed and signed, to the curator of the exhibition ( and to Koinè (
No later than 30 November 2022: Send the descriptions and high-definition photos of the material for selection: Spun and woven fabrics: liturgical vestments and paraments, ecclesiastical garments, and altar cloths.

For selection, it is possible to send the exhibition coordinators JPEG images, photos and catalogues with images of holy vases, made by the artist, atelier or manufacturer.

Those intending to create pieces especially for the exhibition can send, for each proposal:

  • At least one drawing/sketch in colour, showing the item from different viewpoints.
  • Brief outlines of the materials and techniques that will be used for the creation.

For more details and to know everything you need to participate, download the call and the application forms:


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Download the release form for the use of the images:


Prof. Angelomaria Alessio, 

Koinè Ricerca. 


Chiara Fizzotti,

Team Koinè.