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Expo areas

A section dedicated to products and services for places of worship and religious communities, as well as the most innovative solutions for design, restoration and maintenance..

In this area you can find  the most complete offer and new items of international production of devotional items for specialist distributors, sanctuaries, and other operators in the sector.

• Icons
• Devotional images and saints
• Devotional items for the home
• Cribs
• Rosary beads
• Gadgets and souvenirs
• Devotional jewellery
• Raw material
• Machinery
• Material areas

• Liturgical Furnishings
• Furnishings for Communities
• Candles, tapers, liquid wax, incense 
• Organs, musical instruments
• Holy vestments, ecclesiastical robes and cassocks, fabrics and trimmings
• Communion wine, wafers, Eucharistic bread and relevant equipment
• Statues
• sacred vessels and objects for liturgical use
• products for orthodox liturgy
• Sub-supplies for the liturgy

• Urns
• Funerary Articles
• Funeral Art
• Sub-supplies