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Koinè Ricerca

The scientific committee of Koinè Ricerca supervises projects, content and activities within the scientific section of Koinè. It consists of religious and lay members. Current members are:

Arch. Mons. Giancarlo Santi

Lecturer at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan

Mons. Fabrizio Capanni
Official of the Pontifical Council for Culture

Mons. Francesco Gasparini
Director of the Department for Ecclesiastical Cultural Heritage Office for the Diocese of Vicenza

Don Valerio Pennasso

Director of the National Department for ecclesiastical cultural heritage and the National Service for religious buildings of the Italian Episcopal Conference

Don Gionatan De Marco

Director of the National Office for the Pastoral Care of Leisure, Tourism and Sports of the Italian Episcopal Conference

Mons. Mario Lusek

Expert of tourism, Rector of Fermo Cathedral

Mons. Guido Genero

Liturgist, Vicar General of Udine Archidiocese

Prof. Natalino Valentini

Philosopher, Director of ISSR A.Marvelli, Rimini

Don Roberto Tagliaferri

Theologian, Liturgist – Santa Giustina, Institute of Pastoral Liturgy, Padua

P. Gino Alberto M. Faccioli

Theologian, Director of ISSR S.Maria di Monte Berico, Vicenza

Prof. Giorgio Agnisola

Art Critic, Director of the School of Art and Theology of the Pontifical Theological Faculty of Southern Italy, Naples

Arch. Stefano Mavilio

Educational and scientific coordinator of the Masters in Design of Religious Buildings, DIAP, Department of Architecture and Project, La Sapienza University, Rome.


Dr. Angelomaria Alessio

Theologian, liturgist

+39 0444 969843