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Koinè is the most prestigious trade fair event for the international supply line of the religious sector: a two-yearly event featuring a special synergy between exhibitors and the areas for reflection, conference, debate and professional training. The fair takes place at the Exhibition Centre of Vicenza, in spring, every two years, after the Easter celebrations.


Koinè was founded in 1989 in Vicenza, at the wishes of Fiera di Vicenza, the Diocese and the Italian Episcopal Conference. In a region where the ecclesiastical community and the public have always worked together in synergy, contributing to the creation of an important cultural and artistic heritage for the church, since its first edition, the innovative concept of Koinè has translated into a trade fair event, a moment of aggregation for the supply line and the clergy, which combines exhibition with moments of reflection, debate and an in-depth look at liturgy and the architecture of religious buildings.The choice of two-yearly intervals is the element that has allowed Koinè to maintain the leadership in terms of the quality and figures regarding the products on show, the exhibitions and the conferences organised, together with the professional visitor numbers reached.


Koinè is the Italian trade fair event that is able to connect, thoroughly and in a privileged and effective manner, the world of production, distribution, design, and liturgy. For 3 days, the pavilions at Vicenza’s exhibition centre will be transformed into a hub for business, network and training for  exhibitors - businesses, artists, artisan, an expression of Made in Italy and of international manufacturing excellence  - and for the key players in retail and international sales points, representatives of the european clergy and professionals in the trade of adapting and building places of worship.



Koinè has a wealth of experience from over 30 years of research and debate on expressions of the Church in the design of liturgical furnishings and in the development of architecture for holy spaces, in the light of the orientation mapped out by the Vatican Council II. From the first edition, the Scientific Committee presented an intensive programmed of updates for designers, architects, liturgists and representatives of the clergy, in conjunction with the Italian Episcopal Conference, with cultural exhibitions, study days and training workshops.


Manufacturing companies, artisans, artists, economic bodies and suppliers to the ecclesiastical world and traders in the sector. At Koinè, any requirement linked to places of worship finds an answer in the wide range of items placed on show by the hundreds of exhibitors present. The most important exhibitors, of whom 32% from overseas, present the new trade products in the liturgical furnishing sector, new technologies for places of worship, and religious items and articles of service for the clergy.


The sector’s operators (Shop owners, dealers, exporters and buyers from 5 continents, plus designers, architects, superintendents, liturgists, heads of religious communities, sanctuaries and parishes, design and liturgy students, contacts for museums and art galleries) update  the new items on show, meet with Church suppliers and others in the supply line, attend the meetings and conferences of Koinè Ricerca.. Accredited visitors (from 70 countries) have a great value and reward the specific nature and professionalism of the event, proving the liveliness of the industry when it comes to productivity and innovation.