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News is the oldest Christian online store providing quality hand-crafted religious items. is the oldest Christian online store providing quality hand-crafted religious items. Inspired by the Orthodox tradition and Byzantine art, OramaWorld was founded in 1999 and has become a leading brand in hand-crafted ecclesiastical goods and Church supplies. In over 20 years of online activity we are proud to have served customers in more than 80 countries around the world. Our name comes from the word "orama" (meaning vision in Greek) and "world" that convey our mission to serve all Christians around the globe. In our effort to offer top quality religious items, we affiliate with monasteries as well as traditional family-owned workshops in Eastern Europe. Our iconographers and craftsmen are operating with love and great respect for the Orthodox tradition and Byzantine art.

In 2006 the online Orthodox World Directory ( was commenced, as an initiative of OramaWorld. It aims to become the most complete online directory of the global Orthodox heritage, presence and community service activities. Our latest online offering is "Support a Holy Cause", a philanthropic service empowering Churches to connect virtually with parishioners and the affiliated Church community in order to receive support for Christian projects and endeavours, such as Philoptochos and Church Renovation as well as  accepting donations from supporters online in an easy and secure way.


In 2017 OramaWorld Travel was founded, a specialised Christian travel agency organizing exclusive pilgrimage tours and cruises, participation in Orthodox feasts and celebrations, as well as private excursions on holy routes in Greece. We travel to places of religious devotion and combine a rich spiritual experience with a relaxing break in the most beautiful spots of Greece! Some of the most popular tours are the Steps of Apostle Paul and the new Pilgrimage Tour in Crete. You may find more details for our Exclusive Pilgrimage Tours and Cruises following this link: