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In harmony with the missionary purpose of Pope Francis “I dream of a 'missionary option,' that is a missionary impulse capable of transforming everything”, and with the Pastoral Plan of the Church in Vicenza, “Be baptised, and live the Life of the World”, Koiné 2020 organizes an exhibition dedicated to the Cross, or Crucifix, analysed throughout two different perspectives:

  • the missionary aspect that characterises the contemporary Church
  • the aspect of the Glorious Christ Crucifix that accompanies the life of the Believers


Artists' preview

After finishing his studies, Marcello Aversa started to support his father in his small factory of clay bricks for wood ovens. In the 80s, when the fascination for the Presepe Napoletano (Napolitan Nativity Scene) increased, he developped his interest, first creating different sets with the traditional technique and then molding really small clay figures. In 2001 he finally opened an Art Boutique in the historical city centre of Sorrento. During the last few years, he dedicated himself to the theme of the Crucifix, and his creations, the Christus Vincit and the Vita Semper Vincit, are now located respectively in the Sorrento Cathedral and in the Dome of Mirandola. Other pieces are displayed at the Great School of Saint Teodoro in Venice, at the Cathedral of Santo Spirito in Florence and at the Museum of Belenes de Molina in Spain.

After graduating in Visual Arts, with a specialisation in Painting, at the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, Annalisa Tornabene became a teacher of Artistic Anathomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera. In 1994 she went back to her old University, the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, this time as a teacher.
Her artistic research focuses on the theme of the body and it’s expressed mainly through drawing and painting. Her works are held in several public and private collections.
Along with her other interests, the artist is committed to the realisation of pieces of Sacred Art. The Church of San Bartolomeo, in Treviso, is completely decorated with her works: the baptisimal font altarpiece “Sinite Parvulos” (of 120x180cm), the confessional altarpiece “Il figliol prodifo” (of 120x180cm) and a triptych altarpiece (of 350x220cm). The pillars of the Church are also enriched by twelve ornamental panels portraying the Apostoles.

Bruno Lucchi studied at the School of Arts in Trento, completing his education at the Magistero delle Belle Arti in Urbino. Soil has always been his favourite element, and in his atelier he turns it into terracotta to create pieces of art, together with bronze and porcelain. Recently, in his seek for innovation, he started to use new materials, such as the Corten steel, to build enormous art installations, and the mosaic, as a modern technique.
He started to exhibit as a professional in 1991 and his works have been part of more than 200 exhibitions in museums, public rooms and illustious galleries in Italy and overseas.
He’s the author of important public works of great dimensions, and some of his pieces are currently held on four ships of Costa Crociere.
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