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Glass windows play a really important role in the harmony of a church: first of all they’re source of illumination and of embellishment. Moreover, thanks to the light and its connection with the architectural structure of the Church and the liturgical celebrations, they inspire believers to connect to new spiritual and theological paths.

The exhibition displays a landscape of artistic glass windows and contemporary mosaics, together with innovative experiences and unique creations shaped by important artists and atelier from all around Europe. The Scientific Committee decided to admit the works that better depict the Holy Ghost after the passing of its traditional representation as a dove.

Artists preview

Sante Pizzol is a painter and a creator of artistic glass windows, mosaics and glass sculptures. He studied at the Accademia di Brera first, and at the Scuola Superiore d’Arte del Castello Sforzesco in Milan then.
In the ‘60s he opened his first studio in Milan, followed, in 1978, by another one in Brianza a Missiglia (LC). He’s a versatile artist, really appreciated all around the world: more than 200 of his works are displayed only in Japan. He’s an active member of the Permanente of Milan and he’s registered at the national UCAI.

After graduating at the Liceo Artistico in Bergamo, Franco Bianchetti completed his education studying History of Art at DAMS in Bologna. At the beginning of the ‘80s, in collaboration with Riccardo Casati and Renato Roberti, he opened Officina Santomé. In this studio he developed a research, which, starting from the traditional art of glass window, heads towards more open and autonomous solutions.
Between the works accomplished for different collections, along with public and private buildings, we can highlight: the glass windows of the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine (Pavia) – 1985; the Museum of Contemporary Art Palazzo Bellini (Comacchio –FE) – 1986, THE Comunitary Chapel of the Cemetery in Sarnico (BG) – 1993; the Parish Church of Villa d’Almè (BG) – 1995; the Musée Suisse du Vitrail (Romont – CH) – 1999; the APAS Collection (Geneva – CH) – 2000; STAUROS Foundation (Island of Gran Sasso – TE) – 2002; Association Arte e Spiritualità (BS) – 2003; Votive Temple (BG) – 2005; Elsa Bosis Foundation (Verdello – BS) – 2005; Monaci Sotto le Stelle, Contemporary Art (BS) – 2005.
In 2006 he won an important international contest, creating 10 sculptures made with glass and other materials for the Monastery of Maria Hilf in Passau (Germany).

After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, from 2000 he became the director of the most ancient studio of glass windows in Eastern Europe, SG Zelenski, established in 1902.
Founder of the Museum of the Artistic Glass Window in Cracow, from 2004 Piotr Ostrowski has been a member of the scientific committee of the project “European Glass Experience”, and jury member of its international contest.
He’s co-author of architectural projects internationally awarded and his sculptures, as well as his glass installations, are positioned in centuries-old buildings and Churches.
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