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Past Exhibitions

The European scenario of the production

The exhibition displays a unique panorama of liturgical objects, selected between the european production, with the objective of highlighting the influence of postcolonial tendencies among the current artistic work of different countries.

Koiné shows Liturgical Objects that seek for a dialogue with modernity, with its multiple incentives, its many languages and means of expression, throughout an original aesthetic research.

Together with artists and studios, some producers that distinguish themselves for research, innovation (in materials and in shapes) and harmony with the Council’s precepts - Nobility, Simplicity and Beauty - are displaying their works.

Considering the particular historical moment we’re living, in which we have to keep the distance even during the celebrations and especially during the Eucharist, we believed really important to insert an additional announcement of selection for Eucaristical Pliers. 

Artists' preview

Son of an Artist from Milan, famous in particular for sacred goldworking created torching the enamel, Francesco Paganini absorbed his father’s crafts and techniques, which still now represent an important background of his creations. First, he developped his skills as silversmith, then, after graduating in History of Arts, he started to teach gold techniques in Rome. His activity as a teacher is continuing nowadays at the Scuola di Arte Sacra (School of Sacred Art) in Florence, along with the production of sacred furnishing.

After studying Theology and Religious Education, Martin Sindelar became the master of cerimonies of the Archibishop and director of the department Bible-Lithurgy-Ecclesial Environments. He’s a specialist in the developement of sacred garments and contemporary liturgical objects. In present, he’s working as event manager in the Archidiocese of Vienna and he collaborates with artists and artisans chosen particularly for every project.

After finishing his studies as a surveyor, Matteo Pauletto decided to complete his educational path at the faculty of Architecture at IUAV in Venice, working from the beginning with studios of architecture and interior design. Today he collaborates with the studio Ceron&Ceron in Castelfranco Veneto, where he’s always had the opportunity to confront important projects, starting from the concept, through project management activities, to the final creation of the architectural work or of the design object.
He’s always been passionate about freehand drawing, art and nature and in his freetime he re-elaborates his passions with personality, getting new sparks for new forms of expression, always free from any stylistic requirement.
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