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The items used for worship within the Christian Catholic church are many and meet the many needs of the congregations who gather inside churches to celebrate the Eucharist. These include the very important holy vases and specifically, the chalice and the paten in which the bread and wine of the Eucharist are consecrated and consumed. In the Eucharistic cult, the chalice and paten are joined by the pyx, shrine and monstrance. 


The exhibition, which will show a panorama of selected holy vases made in Europe, aims to highlight the influence of post-Council policy directions on the current production in different countries. 

The subject of the event is contemporary holy vases selected from the creations of artists, designers and specialist ateliers, and it will be held as part of the next Koinè, Vicenza from 13-15 February 2023.

The exhibition, intended for a public of visitors to Koinè, is an invitation to artists, ateliers and manufacturers which are showcasing liturgical items and furnishings in line with the direction expressed by the Catholic Church as part of Vatican Council II. 


Prof. Angelomaria Alessio, 

Koinè Ricerca. 


Chiara Fizzotti,

Team Koinè.