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Koinè Ricerca

Alongside the displays of merchandise, there is a section dedicated to scientific research that since the first edition, has offered the manufacturing sector of the field a contribution of innovative ideas and proposals that involve architects, designers and liturgists.

The scientific section can boast a wealth of experience consisting of over 25 years in the field of design for liturgy and architecture for places of worship, and it shows how Koinè Ricerca has an important role as exclusive connector between the current manufacturing world and the Church when it comes to designs and projects for church architecture.

Koinè Ricerca, with the patronage of the Pontifical Council for Culture and the active participation of the Italian Episcopal Conference (CEI), the national department for ecclesiastical cultural heritage and national service for religious buildings, of the Diocese of Vicenza, promotes workshops, seminars, study days, cultural exhibitions with a European dimension to provide new stimuli and ideas in the light of the direction mapped out by the Vatican Council II. It works with the country’s main liturgical institutes and can also boast media partnerships with major publishers of religious material.

Study days

Over the four days, a public of professionals is offered lines of research and proposal on stringent, up-to-date issues in the field of architectural design for places of worship, considered across the board: from technical installations to floral decorations.

This is research of the highest level, involving the best forces and responsible institutions in the research sector involved in collecting the widespread questions emerging from 26000 Italian parishes.

The art and design exhibitions

Koinè Ricerca, following council orientation, has always worked towards establishing a dialogue between production and the contemporary path, in terms of furnishings and liturgical items and also religious buildings. And it is with this intent that exhibitions are organised to illustrate the design of items for liturgical use or parts of places of worship. These are aimed at manufacturers, clergy and architects, designers, and artists working for the Church.

The subjects dealt with at the Koinè Ricerca exhibitions range from the chasuble to the calyx, items for liturgical use and Eucharistic containers, furnishings for church and on to contemporary stained glass. All of this material can be consulted, free of charge at the KOINÈ RICERCA.

Scientific Committee

The scientific committee of Koinè Ricerca supervises projects, content and activities within the scientific section of Koinè. It consists of religious and lay members. Current members are:
Mons. Fabrizio Capanni
Department fot Culture and Education 
Don Alberto Giardina
Director of the National Liturgical Office of the Italian Episcopal Conference
Don Luca Franceschini
Direttore Ufficio Nazionale per i Beni Culturali Ecclesiastici e l’Edilizia di Culto della Conferenza Episcopale Italiana
Don Gionatan De Marco
Director of the National Office for the Pastoral Care of Leisure, Tourism and Sports of the Italian Episcopal Conference
Don Roberto Tagliaferri
Theologian, Liturgist – Santa Giustina, Institute of Pastoral Liturgy, Padua

Mons. Fabio Sottoriva
Director of Office for cultural heritage of Diocese of Vicenza

P. Gino Alberto Faccioli
Teologo – Santuario di Monte Berico, Vicenza

Dr. Angelomaria Alessio
Theologian, liturgist
+39 0444 969843