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Koinè's exhibitors: Bracia Dabrowscy

Feb 12, 2019
A company run by the Dąbrowscy family, offers best-quality vestments, church supplies and altar breads worldwide.

Koine's exhibitors: Haftina

Feb 1, 2019
HAFTINA ATELIER - producer of liturgical vestments and altar cloth.

Koine's exhibitors: ICS Church Furnishers

Feb 1, 2019
ICS Furniture was founded in 1969 by Charlie Duignan, who had identified the niche in the market for a bespoke church furniture business. He gradually built the business into a unique provider of turnkey services for places of worship. With four decades of experience, the ICS team have a deep understanding of everything to do with furnishing churches , sanctuary’s and cathedrals: the variety of spaces and settings, the requirements, the sensitivities, the need to harmonise with widely varied architectural settings and details, use of the right materials, the manufacturing process, transport, installation, and so on. The company’s master craftsmen, with the help of the latest computerised technology, manufacture the furniture in our state-of-the-art factory.

Koine's exhibitors: Incensetrade

Feb 1, 2019
Incensetrade is specialized in the import and marketing of high quality incense, as a raw material (frankincense) and other incense-related products

Koine's exhibitors: Scapha

Feb 1, 2019
Scapha is liturgical atelier founded in Lodz, Poland. The company offers a wide variety of liturgical vestments: chasubles, stoles, albs, altar linens, dalmatics, mitres, copes, veils, lectern covers and more. In the studio works modest group of designers and tailors passionate about their beliefs.