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With the press conference "Bellezza e speranza per tutti", started the trip to find out the guidelines for religious tourism in Italy. The 1st Meeting took place in Hierós in Naples, in collaboration with the National Office for the Pastoral Care of Leisure, Tourism and Sports of the Italian Episcopal Conference.

The second stage chooses TTG Italia as a listening center for international operators, to reach Koinè where, for the first time in Italy, all operators of the national and international Religious tourism sector will meet themselves in Vicenza, to create networks and synergies in an interactive context and to share experiences and cases of success.

In this project, Koinè's commitment is aimed at enhancing and promoting our territories, networking the material cultural religious heritage that characterizes them, and creating new opportunities for growth and cultural, social and economic development.


• Spiritual Receptive
• Hotel accommodation
• Producers of disabled aids
• Tour Operators
• Public authority
• Managers of religious places
• Associations