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Hosted Buyers

The Hosted Buyer is a decision maker that undertakes purchaising activities (purchaising directors, owners, ceos, bursars) for the following operators categories:

  • Wholesalers for devotional items and products for liturgy
  • retailers for devotional items and products for liturgy
  • religious orders
  • tour operator for spiritual tourism


Why should you attend our Hosted Buyer Program?

If you attend our Hosted Buyer Program, you will have the chance:

  • to know the market new products 
  • to meet with the most important companies for Made in Italy and international production of the sacred sector
  • to access our Business Meeting online platform to create your personal meeting agenda/diary and facilitate one-to-one appointments between you and our exhibitors during Koinè. This tool will allow you to organise your attendance in advance and will ensure that you will get the most out of Koinè.

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