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Design, protection and promotion. Nowadays, the protection and enhancement of our ecclesiastical and cultural heritage are a duty and a will of all the operators involved in the sector.

To contribute to this goal, guided by the lines of the Pontifical Council for Culture and the National Office for Cultural Heritage and for the Construction of Cult of the Italian Episcopal Conference, in collaboration with the National Orders of Architects and Engineers and with the National College of the Surveyors, at Koinè will take life 3 days of exchange of experiences and presentations of new projects with a common theme: the good of our territory.

• Windows
• Artistic Foundries
• Building components
• Audio/video installations
• Bells
• Conditioning
• Lighting
• Restoration
• Artists (sculptors and painters)Services foto
• Marble and machinery
• Mosaics
• Safety
• Design Studio
• Community forniture
• Liturgical furnishing
• Sub-supplies cult construction

• Religious publishing
• Entities, religious associations
• Religious institutions
• IT services
• Fairs and events
• Vehicles