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The article of this week tells about the commitment and sense of initiative of a group of companies that have understood the importance of working as a team. In these lines, you can find a testimony on how to approach constantly evolving markets, both in Italy and abroad, by combining different expertise and professionalisms.

Since its birth, in 2017 in Vatican City, Associazione Arti Sacre has been setting very ambitious goals: bring to the market a complete range of products and services exclusively provided by Italian companies operating in the sacred art sector. The Association is at the service of Religious Organizations, professionals and international buyers and operates in different areas of the sector: from the supply of religious furniture to devotional articles and restoration, always guaranteeing the best quality of the entire supply line and a key benefit: the Made in Italy factor.  

Associazione Arti Sacre brings together many different, highly experienced and professional companies, which cooperate actively on joint projects. Each company integrates the projects with its expertise to obtain a complete and high quality range of services. The foundation of their work are active cooperation, sharing of expertise and mutual support. The President of the Association, Mr. Alberto Sanguineti describes the group as a big family, where every member makes his ability available in order to seize all the opportunities on national and international markets and to develop Italian production. 




As the majority of the companies of this sector, the Association’s members are experiencing also a very difficult moment. Maurizio Sgavioli, head of the company Oro Gioielli by Punto D’Oro and treasurer of the Association tells us how being part of a group of professionals is fundamental to face the challenges of the coming months and seize the opportunities arising from this predicament. 


1. How are you facing the current situation of emergency inside the company?

“We are trying to face the situation in a rational way, through the reorganization of productive processes. Fortunately, we have plenty of space and we scrupulously respect the regulations on safety distance. The employees, which represent the very heart of the company, are quite serene; they are aware of the strong tie we always had with our customers and of the high quality and versatility of our production. We have been through many hard periods during the last 45 years, and we have always overcome the crisis. We are of course aware that this situation is having a global impact and it will take time to make a full recover.”


  2) Do the downturns or cancellations of orders concern Italy or abroad?

"We haven’t received any cancellation, for the moment only a temporary postponement of the orders both in Italy and abroad; the customers are reacting differently, according to the different way of facing the problem.  Every sector is implementing different strategies to tackle the crisis, for instance we have increased the shipping of orders coming from the e-commerce, in that the online platforms seem to have less problems in this moment.

However, we are receiving reports of increasingly scarce supplies; this means there is a demand for these products. We are also confident that the tourist season will start in a few weeks, even though later than expected, and this normally corresponds to an increase in business for us. What we do not know is when we will be able to ship the products to the customers.  Now we are redeploying our productive systems and reinventing the professional roles in the company in order to respond to the markets’ requests. This seemed to be unconceivable only few weeks ago. ”  


3. Which are the strategies you think is useful to put in place now and which are the opportunities to be seized in the next months for the economic recovery of the sector?  Among these, how do you consider the participation to Koinè next October 2020?

“Our strategy has always been very clear: we focus on exclusively Italian production, from the first design to the products finishing. Moreover, thanks to Associazione Arti Sacre, we can count on another big advantage: unity is strength. All the partners of the Association are cooperating by giving ideas for the development. If we add to this our usual professionalism, reliability and care for the customer, we can really say we are using the best strategies we can. I think it is important that government support our efforts with state funding.    

Trade shows are surely a fundamental tool for the recovery, and they will change to adapt to the changing markets. First, the number of events in the sector should be reduced considering the reduction in travels and the resulting decrease in demand; this should be done in order not to weigh excessively on suppliers and clients, who are already hit by this difficult period. In my opinion, Koinè, that has long history and great tradition, is of primary importance. Even though there are other show, Koinè won’t miss the opportunity to establish itself as the international event of reference for the entire sacred art sector.”


4) Which are the main markets for you in terms of geographical areas and types of clients?  

“Thanks to globalization we distribute our products all around the world. Thanks to Koinè, the world came to us. From a commercial point of view, the Vatican represents a landmark; however, we are not talking about unknown territories by this time, we only speak of ever changing and evolving markets that are developing in different ways. The high quality of our made in Italy products attracts other markets very different for tradition and culture like, for instance, Kazakhstan.   

The respect of our basic characteristics and of our ethical code remains fundamental in this business. We can call it “being one step ahead”.  


Up to the present day, Associazione Arti Sacre has 22 members: companies, ateliers and art schools, all specialized in the manufacture of furnishings, devotional articles, systems for church building and restoration of works of art. All the members engage with enthusiasm, expertise and passion to promote the beautiful Italian production, bringing abroad the best made in Italy works of religious art.

Check out here below all the members of Associazione Arti Sacre, and for further information visit the website  

The Association will have a dedicated area at next edition of Koinè from 25 to 27 October 2020, in Vicenza. Some of the member companies will also be present in exhibition stands inside the area of the Association. 


Meet the members of Associazione Arti Sacre, at Koinè 2020. Register free! Register


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