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A new area dedicated exclusively to religious and spiritual tourism operators

From 24 to 26 October Koinè 2021: a unique opportunity to present new proposals and services to operators of religious and spiritual tourism.

This year, among the novelties of Koinè there will be an area dedicated to Spiritual Tourism and the Paths of Faith, a space for training, to encourage meetings between the players in the sector and to give value to the paths of faith and pilgrimages as a fundamental resource of religious tourism.

Who is this area for?

  • Accommodation and reception facilities
  • Tour Operators
  • Sanctuaryand sacred places
  • Spiritual paths and itineraries
  • Public entities, Regions and Associations

Pre-prepared and / or customized display solutions will be made available to meet every exhibitor's need. In addition, visibility on Koinè's official digital channels will be guaranteed before and after the fair and it will be possible to request greater visibility of the district during the event.

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Alongside this exhibition area there will be a very rich program of conferences that will find its peak in the "National Conference of the Italian Episcopal Conference", the first and only event in attendance in 2021, to which all the most important experts and operators are invited to participate. of the supply chain.

But not only: in Koinè are scheduled two conferences that aim to explore all the facets of an articulated theme, complex and highly topical, as the path of faith that is part of the wider debate on the enhancement of the artistic, cultural and faith heritage of our country. The conferences will ensure the acquisition of training credits for tourist guides.

For more information and to register for free go to the pages dedicated to events:

"Steps as spiritual care: paths of faith and pilgrimages as a resource of religious tourism".

"Now comes the beauty - tourism and soul care"

The Conference is organized by the National Office for the Pastoral Care of Leisure, Tourism and Sport of the Italian Episcopal Conference.