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Is the Green Pass required to enter the fair?

The Green pass will be checked at the entrance with your body temperature. In the absence of the Green Pass, the staff will require you the negative result of the antigenic swab performed within the previous 48 hours. 

You can show your Green Pass both electronically or printed and it will be read by the Ministry app. 

Translations into English are also required for Green Pass and FOREIGN ANTIGENIC SWABS. 

There must be a vaccination title translated at least into English and reporting the type of vaccine used in this case. Only certifications showing vaccinations approved by EMA (BioNTech, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Oxford Astrazeneca) will be accepted 

ANTIGENIC SWABS OF FOREIGNERS must also be translated into English. 

An Antigenic Swab Point will be set up outside the fair with a buffer cost of 15 euros, in accordance with the ministerial directions. 

You can book an antigenic swab using the LIFE BRAIN website (shortly here). 

Yes, all exhibitors and suppliers entering the fair must present a Green Pass or a negative result from a swab within the previous 48 hours.