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Special Areas

Four years after the 2019 edition, 60 years after Pope Paolo VI enacted  the "Sacrosantum Concilium" on the Sacred Liturgy  on December 4, 1963, following the guidelines of the Pontifical Council for Culture and the National Office for Cultural Heritage and Worship Buildings of the Italian Episcopal Conference in collaboration with the Associations of Architects and Engineers and the Board of Surveyors, from February 13 to 15, 2023 Vicenza will become the "capital" of Worship Buildings hosting the top experts in the field who will meet for 3 days to discuss, exchange their experiences, present new projects, and share ideas, technologies and products.

Hall 7 of the Vicenza Exhibition Centre will host the Plenary Arena supported by Companies in the sector that will submit ideas, projects, solutions and success cases. At their stands, it will be possible to see first hand the solutions presented. A special Consulting Area will be available where leading industry professionals offer meetings and consultations to visitors.



The Area's format

Leading experts will submit and provide an overview of the major topics and lead the various technical sessions, talking with leading Companies in the field. 

At the Conferences and Workshops, the Companies will speak via "round table” or by presenting case studies. Independent Speeches by the Companies on solutions and products will also be scheduled.

Two dedicated areas will host respectively leading Firms in the sector that will offer their consultancy and labour supply and demand sessions applicable to the sector.



  • Proper registration at the land registry office
  • New design guidelines for ecclesiastic properties
  • News in technical regulations for construction
  • Lighting
  • Acoustics
  • Air Quality
  • Air conditioning (winter and summer)
  • Scheduled Maintenance Plans
  • Energy Efficiency and Energy Redevelopment
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Green Economy and Worship Buildings
  • Anti-seismic improvement/upgrading
  • Eco-friendly building renovations
  • Restoration of walls and façades
  • Territorial requalification through ecclesiastical assets
  • Renewable Energy and Sustainability
  • Rebuilding: reuse and redevelopment of ecclesiastical cultural assets
  • Innovative Strategies, Techniques, and Materials
  • Innovation for cultural assets
  • Community Furnishings
  • Machinery and Equipment
  • Materials and Construction
  • Green areas and parish spaces



  • Construction, painting, marble, wood and fabric



  • New tools and technologies for promoting ecclesiastical assets



  • Stained glass windows, Mosaics, Marble, Sculptures and Paintings
  • Liturgical furnishings
  • Liturgical upgrading



  • Towers, Systems and Clocks
  • Applied Statics



  • The Management of the Ecclesiastical Assets
  • European Funds and Regional Calls for Tenders
  • Fundraising and crowd funding for ecclesiastical assets
  • IEC Calls for Tenders