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Koine's exhibitors: Zervopoulos

Jan 23, 2019
Since 1969 the Zervopoulos laboratory has been engaged in the laborious and difficult task of creating exact copies of portable icons from the Byzantine and post-Byzantine schools.

Il teatro sei tu

Jan 15, 2019
The new theater season awaits you with many new shows

The new edition of the Missal

Dec 3, 2018
From 12th to 15th November 2018, at the Vatican – in the New Synod Hall – the 72nd General Assembly of the Italian Episcopal Conference was held.

Faith in music

Dec 2, 2018
Choirs from all over the world gathered at the Vatican

Doesn’t God dwell here any more?

Nov 30, 2018
A conference on the disposal of places of worship and the integrated management of ecclesiastical cultural heritage assets: on 29th and 30th November at the Gregorian University